Paul and Nancy Kelley
& the Greater Tok Community present

The 23rd Annual Tok Trot

Saturday April 19, 2003

1 PM

Tok Visitor Center

Tok, Alaska

Flat as a pancake course,
out and back on the Alaska Highway


Eighty-seven year old Willy Lou Warbelow broke several records when she completed the 23rd annual Tok Trot held April 19th in perfect weather conditions.

Andy Seitz was the first overall finisher in a time of 38:28, but it was Willy Lou and her walking companion Jo Roach who drew the praises of all participants. They completed the 10Km course in just under two hours with enough energy left after the race to partake heartily in the after race meal prepared by Glenna and Phil DuFresne.

Jane Lanford of Fairbanks won the Women's division for the eighth straight time in 43:03. Ashley Wagner won her division and the Morgan sisters, Jackie and Daisy were 1st and 2nd in their division. Out-of-staters who called in their times were Paul Milanowski, Jr., 56:29, Tennessee; Ken Crane, 52:30 and Dave Maher, 49:15, at the President's ranch in Texas; Pat Kling, 59:21, in Washington; and Terry Pruett and Ingrid Forsmark, 107 minutes, Oregon.

As in every year, the Trot would not be possible without the help of so many Tok people. The timing/registration crew consisted of Kay Lynn Odle-Moore, Jill Kranenburg, Cheryl and Doug Hosken, Nancy Kelley, Dick Fraser, Gary Kranenburg and Molly Timm. Lisa Conrad and Suzan Matteson helped assist, volunteer and provide for the Trot. Thanks, ladies! EMTs Russ Johnston, and AC Bates kept their eyes on the trotters. Young's Chevron donated use of their picnic tables again. Thanks to you all.

Paul Kelley


 1.  Andy Seitz                   38:28    
 2.  Jane Lanford                 43:03
 3.  Susan McMenamin              44:43   
 4.  Corky Hebard                 46:29
 5.  Jeff Jacob                   46:29
 6.  Bernard Hildebrand           48:33
 7.  Dave Maher (TX)              49:15
 8.  Jim Madonna                  49:45
 9.  Paul Kelley                  50:22    
10.  Peter Butteri                50:31

11.  James Garron                 50:54
12.  Ken Crane (TX)               52:30
13.  Harry White                  53:05 
14.  Raymond Kraemer              54:00
15.  Bob Perkins                  54:54
16.  Adam Martin                  56:17 
17.  Paul Milanowski, Jr. (TN)    56:29 
18.  Reuben Butteri               56:55 
19.  Carri Brown                  58:46
20.  Pat Kling (WA)               59:21

21.  Jessica Garron               61:49
22.  Jayne Ballantyne             61:50
23.  Steve Lanford                62:27
24.  Vallerie Plaster             63:08
25.  Ashley Wagner                65:01
26.  Jack Townsend                65:19
27.  Jackie Morgan                65:33 
28.  Daisy Morgan                 71:16
29.  Leland Monroe                72:06  
30.  Barbara Kraemer              77:00

31.  Rita Abel                    85:30
32.  Troy Abel                    87:04
33.  Ingrid Forsmark (OR)        107:00
34.  Terry Pruett (OR)           107:00

Other Participants

David Odle-Moore, Kay Lynn Odle-Moore, Cheryl Hosken, Pam Kron, 
Diane Perkins, Willy Lou Warbelow, Jo Roach, Marthalyn Edwards, 
Monica Edwards, Addie Hamilton, William Swan, Susanne Swan, 
Gracee Swan, Timothy Swan, Katymae Swan, Nancy Reetz, Dawn Reetz, 
Sue Roscovius, Mike Roscovius, Molly Timm, Hank Timm, Pam Gingue,  
Sandra Kuth, Bambi Cornelius, Doug Harmon, Judy Harmon, 
Heather Johnson, Anna Simmons, Vicky Champagne, Dion Champagne, 
Sara Bates, Darva Bates, Jessica Bates, Ellen Thompson, Carrie Beeman, 
Ole Olson, Helen Olson, John Rusyniak, Jill Rusyniak, 
Shayleen Probert-Sanford, Corey Probert-Sanford, Jared Priest, 
Gabby Sonnenberg, Reuben Sonnenberg, Talia Sonnenberg, 
Robert Sonnenberg, David Wade York, Adam Bentele-Edwards, 
Jacob Bentele-Edwards, Amy Bentele-Edwards, Chris Bentele-Edwards, 
Amanda York, Tiffini Hildebrand, Kluane Albert, Dena Paul, 
Paige Goneau, Lacey Paulsen, Junior Joe, Rachel Lucien, Haley Sparks, 
Megan Waggoner, Kate Bennett, Acacia Trimble.

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