Paul and Nancy Kelley

The 25th Annual Tok Trot

Saturday April 16, 2005

1 PM

Tok Visitor Center

Tok, Alaska

Flat as a pancake course,
out and back on the Alaska Highway


Pruett paces Tok Trotters in Baghdad

Melinda Pruett, former Tokite, paced a contingent of six Tok Trotters in the first ever Baghdad division of the Tok Trot. Melinda, now in the U.S. Army, led five other trotters at Camp Victory in Baghdad, Iraq.

Meanwhile, back in Tok, 40 runners and approximately 60 walkers and bikers completed the 25th annual Tok Trot under clear skies and brisk temperatures. For the first time in several years two runners, both from Fairbanks (UAF), ran very fast times for the Trot. Weston Forsblad won in the time of 36:06 and fellow training partner, Chris Eversman was just four seconds behind.

For the tenth straight year, Jane Lansford won the women's division in a time of 43:43. Jane can be called "Mrs. Consistency" as all ten winning times are within two minutes of each other.

Runners from outside of Alaska who also ran the Trot in their own town: Pat Kling, Terry Pruett and Ingrid Forsmark (Oregon), Paul Milanowski, Jr. (Tennessee), Bob Lynes, and Mick and Ruth Ann Hoar (Washington), David Briar (Nevada) and Win Stiefel (Russia).

Inspirational runner awards this year go to 78 year old Jack Townshend (66:34),from Fairbanks, seven year old Chloe Helmer (74:32), from Tok, and the entire Baghdad Bunch.

Thanks to the many people who helped to make this event possible. We appreciate all the participants plus these helpers: Timekeepers/Recorders: Doug Hosken, Kay Lynn Odle-Moore, Sally Young-MacConnell, Lou Warbelow, Dick Fraser, Lynn Burton, Heather Johnson, Nancy Kelley. Information Center: Lisa Conrad. Alaska State Trooper/Fish and Wildlife Officer: Dug Cook, Brent Johnson. Dept. of Transportation personnel: John Olding, Eric Erickson. EMS/Ambulance: Sarah and AC Bates, Julie Thompson; Dave Young at Young's Chevron Service and Beth and George Jacobs at Mukluk News. And a special thank you to Phil and Glenna DuFresne for their good grub!

Paul Kelley

Runners and Trotters Results

 1.  Weston Forsblad              36:06
 2.  Chris Eversman               36:10
 3.  Dylan Lowder                 40:37
 4.  Arnold Chingliak             43:13
 5.  Jane Lanford                 43:43
 6.  Patrick Kalen                47:25
 7.  Adam Martin                  49:10
 8.  A.J. Moore                   49:19
 9.  Jason Garron                 50:02
10.  David Briar                  50:19

11.  Corky Hebard                 50:40
12.  Bud Johnson                  53:40
13.  Jessica Garron               54:00
14.  Paul Kelley                  54:26
15.  Paul Milanowski, Jr          54:32
16.  Don Millsten                 54:59
17.  Steve Lanford                56:01
18.  Skylar Webb                  56:46
19.  Kirill Frusin                58:07
20.  Bob Perkins                  58:26

21.  Ted Wilson                   58:43
22.  Daisy Morgan                 61:09
23.  Tim MacDonald                61:36
24.  Pat Kling                    62:36
25.  Marjorie Carlson             63:39
26.  John Paul Perry              65:05
27.  Terry Matthews               66:14
28.  Jack Townshend               66:34
29.  Shirley Harris               71:10
30.  Rita Abel                    72:10

31.  Shawn Roberts                72:33
32.  Kyle Dancer                  74:25
33.  Chloe Helmer                 74:32
34.  Aaron Brown                  75:02
35.  Lori Kilovanic               77:52
36.  Pam Kron                     80:40
37.  Troy Abel                    93:29
38.  Pam Gingue                   93:29
39.  Jen Harbison                110:00
40.  Debra Harbison              110:00

Walkers, Riders, Pullers, Pushers, and Pacers

Cliver Clan, Swan Swagglers, Dippel Doers, 
Elliot Entries, Young Youngsters, Shultz Shoe-ins,
Pfeffer Pfillies, Pedginski Pacers, Bates Bunch, 
Zaczkowski Zingers, Thompson Trio, Goneau Group,
The Baghdad Bunch, Addie Hamilton, Marilyn Curtis
Heather Johnson, Martin Watkins, Jan Jackson,
Melinda Rallo, John Borg, Ingrid Forsmark,
Terry Pruett, Win Stiefel, Patsy Hillary,
H. David Moore and Kay Lynn Odle-Moore, Chris Gee,
Terant Joe, Kordero Nelson, Mick and Ruth Ann Hoar

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