1st Edition of

The Terminator

5.5 miles

Sunday August 17, 2003

4:00 PM

Nenana, Alaska

5.5 of tough trails

on the hill north of Nenana

Race Director's Comments

We had a great time!! We wish more of you could have come! The temperature was 59, partly sunny, no rain. Perfect for running!

The race was 5.5 miles. The elevation rise was 1,000' in the first three miles and then 2.5 miles back to the start. The many varieties of colorful mushrooms and view of the Nenana Valley could seriously distract the most concentrated runner! Nevertheless: 1st place overall man was Paul Krenzke, age 16, time: 46:15 1st place overall woman was Lorry Yates, age 56, time 1:03:28.

This is the Nenana version of Kevin Brinegar / Devin McDowell duo as Lorry is Paul's cross-country / track coach.

Since our numbers were minimal, we were able to give all of our runners an extra prize, their choice of mug or Yutana Barge Lines T-shirt. The all-you-can-eat Chinese food dinner cooked from scratch by Xia Baker was delicious. She served: Sweet & Sour Soup, Pot Stickers, Chow Mein, Fried Rice with vegetables and pork and Egg Rolls.

For more information on the race or results, call (907) 832-5291 Gary or Christine Shields. Cell phone, local call 388-7649.

Shields of Nenana


1  Paul Krenzke          46:15      age 16
2  Bob Vitale            53:23          50
3  Byron Haken         1:00:01          16
4  Simon Cox           1:00:33          40
5  Daniel Scheerer     1:01:08          26
6  Bob Perkins         1:01:23          57
7  Bill Cotter         1:07:20          57       
8  George Madros       2:16:44          22


1  Lorry Yates         1:03:28    age div  55-59
2  Monte Jordan        1:06:46    age div  55-59
3  Gayle Rayme         2:16:44    age div  55-59

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