Sourdough River Run

4 Mile Race

Saturday March 3, 2001

11:00 AM

Pike's Landing

4 miles, once again, on Dale Road

Sunny 10° to 15° F Mostly calm Mostly icy pavement, with bare spots

Sunrise: Total Daylight:

10 hours 23 minutes
7:52 AM
6:15 PM

Men's Results | Women's Results

Our relatively warm past four months rendered the ice on the Chena River, once again, unsafe for running. A group of cold weather equipment testers, from Germany, proved the point several weeks ago, when they dropped their rental car through the ice near the Princess Hotel. The alternate course on Dale Road, once infrequently used for this race, has been called into service for four of the past five years. (As slick and icy as Dale Road is, given the choice, most evryone would opt for the Chena River any day.) There was a smaller than normal turnout, undoubtedly owing to the many other activities in Fairbanks and Anchorage this weekend (the Festival of Native Arts, the World Championships of the International Federation of Sled Dog Sports, and the opening preparations for the World Ice Art Championships - all in Fairbanks; the Tripod Raising on the Tanana River at Nenana, and theWinter Special Olympics and the start of the Iditarod Trail sled dog race in Anchorage). One of the Russian ice sculptors from Izhevsk, Vitaliy Lendnev, joined the race and gave it a real international flair.

Men 's Results

 1. Wayde Leder                           24:00
 2. Chad Carroll                          24:10
 3. Brian Shaffer                         26:32
 4. Keith Pollock                         28:07
 5. Jamie Hollingsworth                   28:10
 6. Chip Houde                            29:21
 7. Walt Tape                             30:30
 8. Vitaliy Lendnev   Izhevsk, Russia     30:49
 9. David Cowee                           30:50
10. Bob Wheeler                           31:07

11. Steve Lanford                         35:09
12. Marvin Kee                            40:35
13. George C. Merry & Tok                 46:22

Women 's Results

 1. Michelle Mitchell       26:58
 2. Karen Wilken            31:58
 3. Teresa Nettleton        32:36
 4. Susanne Trillhose       34:53
 5. Joelle Kee              40:34
 6. Barb Pickens            47:40

Photos and photo editing courtesy of JFM Videos.

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