New Year's Eve Run

Monday December 31, 2007

11:30 PM

The Diner, Downtown

An out and back course from The Diner to Ft. Wainwright along the Chena River Trail. Self-timed.

	3 Mile Race

Joey Williams
Tom Aanderson
Dave Boyle
Sara Alan
Beth Carven
Dave Zumigla 26:03
Dan Covalesky
Nicholas Storch
Jennifer Humphrey

Shauna Budge 27:42
Shane Mcvurney 27:42
Sarah Dimmick 29:00
T Humphrey 29:00
Bob Wheeler 29:31
Christian Alexander 30:02
Nicki Greer 31:35
Jane Lanford 31:35
Moss Roy 31:45
Steve Lanford 31:49

Paul Reynolds
Charles Mantei
Kathy Stevens
Julie Webb
Skye Greer


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