Mount Healy Challange

Sunday August 24th, 2008


Bison Gulch, MP 243.5 Parks Hwy.

1.5 Mile  Trail run, Ascent only

Drew Harrington claimed the inaugural Mount Healy Challenge on Sunday and with
the result also clinched the Northern Trails Running Series overall title. Harrington,
28, climbed about 2,100 vertical feet over 1.75 miles in 30 minutes, 1 second, just
missing the half-hour mark as race director Matias Saari implored a gasping
Harrington to push harder to the finish. Chris Garber-Slaght was runner-up in 32:23
and took second in the overall series; he began the race tied for the series lead with
Harrington.  Andy Sterns took third place in 39:40.

Robbin Garber-Slaght was the first woman in 40:44, followed by Oralee Nudson in
46:11 and Karen Nanseth in 46:48. Roxane Rigo (48:15) may have challenged for the
top female spot had she not gotten started seven minutes after the others following
the road trip down the Parks Highway.

The ascent-only course began at the Bison Gulch parking area just south of Healy
and followed a ridge to a scenic overlook almost halfway up Mount Healy. Participants
were treated to panoramic mountain views on the partly sunny and nearly windless day.
From the finish, several participants continued hiking higher while others descended at
their leisure.

Twelve people took part. Other finishers were Bob Vitale (40:35), Pete Hjellen (40:40),
Jo Kovach (50:45), Jon Kuntz (52:04) and Ethan Graham (62:04). Kuntz, age 11, and
Graham, age 12, are both from Healy. Five of the participants — both Garber-Slaghts,
Nudson, Vitale and Hjellen — completed all six races in the new Northern Trails
Running Series.

Heather Best won the women’s overall title with Robbin Garber-Slaght second.
The top overall and age-groups finishers will be recognized at the Running Club North
awards social on Oct. 18 at Birch Hill.


Name Time
1. Drew Harrington 30:01:00
2. Chris Garber-Slaght 32:23:00
3. Andy Sterns 39:40:00
4. Bob Vitale 40:35:00
5. Pete Hjellen 40:40:00
6. Robbin Garber-Slaght 40:44:00
7. Oralee Nudson 46:11:00
8. Karen Nanseth 46:48:00
9. Roxane Rigo 48:15:00
10. Jo Kovach 50:45:00
11. Jon Kuntz 52:04:00
12. Ethan Graham 62:04:00

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