Moose Mountain Snowshoe Challange

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Moose Mountain

Challanging single track trails.

17 snowshoers enjoyed the balmy -12 degree weather while basking in the full sun and full moon at the same time. Kevin Brinegar set a course record covering the 8K course in 37:32. The next 3 finishers battled for the runner-up position with 16 year-old Nathaniel Burrell outlasting the elder Roger Sayre and snowshoe newcomer Max Kaufman. Elizabeth Anderson remains undefeated at the Moose Mountain Snowshoe Challenge handily winning the 8K race in 54:06. The women's runner-up was also hotly contested with Susan McDiamid prevailing over Shauna Budge by 30 seconds. Chad Carroll won the men's 5K in 23:03 while Robbin Garber-Slaught led the women's 5K in 36:53.

After the 2nd race in the Finnish Line Snowshoe Series, there remains a 4-way tie for first place between Kevin Brinegar, Roger Sayre, Arnold Chingliak and Nathaniel Burrell. Elizabeth Anderson now has sole posession of first place for the women. The next race in the series is the Ballaine Ridge Snowshoe Trail run on Jan. 24th.

8K Results
1.  Kevin Brinegar 37:32:00
2.  Nathaniel Burrell 39:41:00
3.  Roger Sayre 40:16:00
4.  Max Kaufman 40:29:00
5.  Chris Garber-Slaght 42:42:00
6.  Josh Branham 50:49:00
7.  Nick Hajdukovich 50:49:00
8.  Elizabeth Anderson 54:06:00
9.  Arnold Chingliak 56:32:00
10.  Susan McDiarmid 72:52:00
11.  Shauna Budge 73:22:00
12.  Shane McBurney 73:22:00
13.  Andrew Phelps 73:33:00
14.  Gary Pohl 84:03:00

5K Results
1.  Chad Carroll 23:03:00
2.  Robbin Garber-Slaght 36:53:00
3.  Lindsay Williams 54:25:00

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