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Mid-Winter Snowshoe Classic

5K & 7K Snowshoe Races

Saturday January 16, 1999

High Noon

Merlin Drive - Reifenstuhl's

5K & 7K, mostly via snowshoe trails

along ridge between Pearl Creek and Grenac, above Farmer's Loop, down across Grenac Road, back up to Merlin

Mostly overcast 3° F Mostly calm Excellent packed snow conditions
Sunrise: 10:24 AM Sunset: 3:38 PM
5 hours 14 minutes - possible sunshine

This year's race was held on a new (to racing) course, laid out by Rocky Reifenstuhl and Gail Koepf. Starting at their home above Farmer's Loop, the challanging course followed the section line up along a ridge. Then two 90-degree turns led along two power lines, first across slope, then down into the bottom along Grenac Road. The final climb led up through the birch trees, primarily on a narrow snowshoe trail.

The trail was in good packed condition throughout, although footing was tricky in all the sidehill areas.

7K Results

1. Rocky Reifenstuhl 33:07
2. Tina Devine 37:30
3. (tie) Stuart Grant 38:58
3. (tie) Dave Cowee 38:58
5. Gail Koepf 39:36
6. Roselynn Reesa Smith 39:45
7. Matias S. 40:01
8. Andy Sterns 40:08
9. Andy Holland 40:09
10. Jerry Sam 41:32
11. Dave Covey 42:07
12. Libby Burgess 42:36
13. Keith Pollock 44:40
14. Mary Ellen LaBarge 45:46
15. Dennis Rogers 46:50
16. Bernice Jospeh 52:02
17. Steve Lanford 52:59

One of Master Brader's Midnight Cookies

5K Results

1. Corky Dow 36:37
2. M.K. Romberg 54:06

Photos and editing courtesy of JFM Videos.

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