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Mid-Winter Snowshoe Classic

5K & 7K Snowshoe Races

Saturday January 10, 1998

High Noon

End of El Dorado Road

5K & 7K via snowshoe trails

along south ridge of Goldstream Valley, up to KUAC transmitter, down ridge line

Mostly cloudy 10° F Calm Excellent packed snow conditions
Sunrise: 10:38 AM Sunset: 3:20 PM
4 hours 42 minutes - possible sunshine

SPECIAL - Photo coverage of the Arctic Winter Games Snowshoe Competition tryouts, Fairbanks area; Creamer's Field, 2:00 PM.

Temperatures moderated for this weekend after a week of mostly sub -30 temperaturtes, but it's not supposed to last. A large group of snowshoers took advantage of the warmth to tackle the same two courses run on the first snowshoe race in early December.

The trail was in much better condition through the birch forest today, as evidenced by times that were much faster today, than in December. Rocky Reifenstuhl and Allen Doyle battled it out to the finish, with Rocky edging Allen by 2 seconds.

A highly placed anonymous government official, who was not present at the race, was credited with today's balmy temperatures.

7K Results

1. Rocky Reifenstuhl 40:53
2. Allen Doyle 40:55
3. Ned Rozell 45:51
4. Ric Wilson 46:30
5. Dave Cowee & Emily 47:05
6. Stuart Grant 51:39
7. Dennis Rogers 54:14
8. Linda Kanllin 55:29
9. Keith Pollock & Mesa 55:59
10. Mary Bohan 56:35
11. Scott Phillips 57:47
12. Steve Lanford 60:56

5K Results

1. Gail Koepf 45:38
2. Bunnie Chapman 62:32

Arctic Winter Games

Snowshoe Tryouts - Fairbanks

Photos and editing courtesy of JFM Videos.

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