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Mid-Winter Snowshoe Classic

5K Snowshoe Race

Saturday January 11, 1997

High Noon

End of El Dorado Road

5K+ via musher & snowshoe trails

down into Goldstream, up to KUAC transmitter, down ridge line

Mostly clear 0° to 25° F Calm Excellent packed snow conditions
Sunrise: 10:35 AM Sunset: 3:29 PM

A great day for snowshoe racers, but where were they? Most of them stayed away and missed one of the nicest days for outdoor activity so far this year! That's all relative, as our temperatures since January 1 have been in the figurative dumper, bottoming out at an official -51°F four days ago. And one year earlier, this same race was run in -35°F temperatures. However, today, sunshine and balmy +25 degree ridgetop temperatures awaited the five snowshoers after their climb up out of chilly Goldstream Valley. Today's route followed the same Heart of Darkness course run in December, and warmer temperatures and less running gear must have made a difference as today's running times were faster than those, for the same runners, from early December. A highly placed government official, who elected to remain anonymous, placed today's temperature range along the race course at Zero°F to +25°F.

Overall Results

1. (tie) Jim Brader 38:45
1. (tie) Dave Cowee & Emily 38:45
3. Bob Vitale 39:10
4. Keith Pollack & Mesa 41:21
5. Steve Lanford 47:07

Digital photos courtesy of Payless Rent-A-Car; photo editing courtesy of JFM Videos.

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