Mid-Winter Miller Hill Run

6.5 Mile Race

Saturday February 1, 1997

11:00 AM

UAF Patty Center

via Miller Hill - Yankovich Road loop

Overcast with light snow +5° to +10° F Calm Bare pavement to icy pavement conditions

Sunrise: Total Daylight:

7 hours 0 minutes
9:35 AM
4:35 PM

The Start

Full Frontal

Miller Hill
The race's namesake
Twenty-one runners, two race directors, two photographers, and several other support personnel, turned out on a nice first of February in Fairbanks, for the first of several 1997 runnings of the Miller Hill loop course. What should have been a clear win for Roger Dix became a second place finish, after he veered to the left off the course, near 5.5 mile, and followed the bike path on a brief detour via the UAF steam plant. By the time Roger climbed the hill past the plant and rejoined the course, Rocky Reifenstuhl had sprinted past him and crossed the finish line just in front of him.
Conditions along the course were generally good, although there were quite a few patches of slick and icy pavement that required constant vigilence. At one point in the race, Scott McCrea forgot that he was running, and slid through an intersection on his back; he claimed to be all in one piece after the race.

Combined Results

1. Rocky Reifenstuhl 40:32
2. Roger Dix 40:35
3. Kevin Brinegar 41:58
4. Scott McCrea 42:54
5. Michelle Mitchell 43:16
6. Pat Kalen 44:55
7. Bill Gardner 45:04
8. John Carlson 49:45
9. Bob Vitale 50:01
10. Jane Lanford 50:22
11.(tie) Corky Hebard 50:29
11.(tie) John Fridrich 50:29
13. (tie) Gail Koepf 51:51
13. (tie) Kathleen Edic 51:51
15. Leo Woster 51:56
16. David Cammack 54:17
17. Steve Lanford 57:34
18. Corky Dow 1:01:10
19. Jack Townshend 1:01:52
20. Jan Roberts 1:02:12
21. Denise Brown 1:02:40

Digital photos courtesy of Payless Rent-A-Car; photos from video courtesy of JFM Videos and Snappy!; photo editing courtesy of JFM Videos.

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