1st Annual Knit 'n' Run - 4/28/2013   
 The 1st Annual Running Club North Knit 'n' Run was a resounding success! A total   
 of 22 runners and knitters participated in the event, accumulating a total of 121.4 miles   
 and knitting 21 children's hats and 5 pairs of mittens. All knitted products are being   
 donated to the Fairbanks Rescue Mission.   
 Note: No simultaneous knitting and running was actually performed   
 during the event.   
 Special thanks goes to Joe Hayes and Bess Rounds of the UAF Alumni Association   
 for use of their lounge area and to Cheri Renson for helping us to make this happen.   
 Team 1 Where's my dog? Gail Davidson and Carol Kleckner   
 Team 2 Team DC Carol Kaynor and Don Kiely   
 Team 3  Theresia Schnurr and Courtney Nichols   
 Team 4 Whatz up my knittas? Kalin Seaton and Nissa Pilcher   
 Team 5 Shine Time Daniel McCoy and Bobbie Redinius   
 Team 6 Twisted Stitches David Maxwell and Heidi Kristenson (2nd place)  
 Team 7 Team G-ma Grandma Secor and the O’Donoghue kids (1st place)  
 Team 8 Sheresa! Shalane Frost and Teresa Hollingsworth (3rd place)  
 Team 9 Team CPA Catherine Egan and Pam Borland   
 Team 10 Don't Run with Needles Mary Via and Peggy Sullivan   
 Team 11  Norma Haubenstock and Lalida Crawford