Here Comes the Sun

Snowshoe Fun Run

7 K Race

Saturday March 14, 1998

High Noon

End of El Dorado Road

7K+ via snowshoe trails

along south ridge of Goldstream Valley, up to KUAC transmitter, down ridge line

Clear & sunny +20° to +30° F Calm Very good packed snow conditions

Sunrise: Total Possible Daylight:

11 hours 36 minutes
7:13 AM
6:49 PM

Yesterday was the first day of this year for wet pavement on our roads and today should be even wetter, with temperatures expected into the low-40's this afternoon. The trails are starting to soften a little from our incessant sunshine, and from the rising temperatures. But conditions were still good for today's run. Rocky and Andy staged their second head to head battle on shoes, with the results almost identical to the last race, 3 weeks ago: Rocky edged out Andy by about 30 seconds, at 36:33. Gail Koepf was the women's winner in 45:51.

1. Rocky Reifenstuhl 36:33
2. Andy Holland 37:02
3. Lee DeWilde 43:07
4. Stuart Grant 46:36
5. Owen Hanley 47:59
6. Steve Lanford 55:37
7. Fred Pratt & Ginger 59:53

1. Gail Koepf 45:51
2. Jane Lanford 50:55
3. Linda Franklin 60:14

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