Here Comes the Sun

Snowshoe Fun Run

6 K Race

Saturday March 15, 1997

High Noon

End of El Dorado Road

6K+ via musher & snowshoe trails

down into Goldstream, up to KUAC transmitter, down ridge line

Hazy sun 5° to +15° F Calm Very good packed snow conditions

Sunrise: Total Daylight:

11 hours 44 minutes
7:09 AM
6:53 PM

The Official Results?

Almost 12 hours of sunlight, but no sign of breakup yet. Temperatures this month have stayed cold at night and haven't approached the freezing mark during the day, so trail running has been good. Today was no exception. The only notable exceptions today were the absences: an absence of snowshoe runners (only 8), the absence of the highly prized Omaha Marathon tote bags, and the conspicuous absence of a highly placed government official.

Runners missed a good day for some excellent snowshoe trail running. Trail conditions were very good to excellent, and again, everyone's time seemed faster than in the last race over this course, 2 months ago. Today marked the second snowshoe race in a row that the race director has finished first, ...........hmmmm.........

1. (tie) Andy Holland 30:37
1. (tie) Kevin Brinegar 30:37
3. Ned Rozell & Jane 34:18
4. Bill Gardner 34:21
5. Dave Cowee & Emily 34:54
6. Karen Kolivosky 40:30
7. Eric Kelly 48:40
8. Paul Reynolds 62:40

Photos and photo editing courtesy of JFM Videos.

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