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Heart of Darkness

7K+ Snowshoe Race

Saturday December 5, 1998

High Noon

End of El Dorado Road

7K+ via mushing & snowshoe trails

down into Goldstream Valley, up, up, up to
KUAC transmitter, & down ridge line

Snowing +10° F Calm Fresh snow conditions, hard-packed to loose


Total Possible Daylight:

4 hours 23 minutes

10:30 AM
2:53 PM


This year's course headed down the mushing trail into Goldstream Valley. It then followed snow machine trails along the base of the Ridge, before turning 90 degrees to the south and starting the long arduous climb to the top of Goldstream Ridge.

Race Directors' prediction that whoever made the climb to the ridge top without walking, would be the eventual race winner, did not prove to be correct, as Kevin confessed to walking.

From the top of the Ridge, the trail passed by the KUAC transmitter, and then descended back down to the start through more birch and aspen forest. Most of the trail was hard-packed but covered with loose, fresh snow.



1. Tina Devine 45:52
2. Gail Koepf 47:19
3. Jane Lanford 53:16
4. Emily Lokken 1:25:02
5. (tie) Sharon Alden 1:33:14
5. (tie) Sara Gehrig 1:33:14


1. Kevin Brinegar 38:20
2. Rocky Reifenstuhl 40:40
3. John Carlson 44:32
4. Ned Rozell 45:35
5. Stuart Grant 47:03
6. Andy Sterns 49:33
7. Dave Cowee 53:27
8. Dave Lokken 1:25:02

Photos and editing courtesy of JFM Videos.

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