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Heart of Darkness

5K & 7K Snowshoe Races

Saturday December 6, 1997

High Noon

End of El Dorado Road

5K+ and 7K+ via snowshoe trails

up & down along Goldstream Ridge,
up to KUAC transmitter, down ridge line

Clear & Sunny +15° F Calm Variable snow conditions, hard-packed to loose


Total Possible Daylight:

4 hours 18 minutes

10:33 AM
2:51 PM

5K+ Results | 7K+ Results

Another challenging course, much more so than last year's trail, was laid out by our extroardinarily capable race directors.

This year, the trail started up from the start/finish area, then meandered, up and down, through the birch and alder forest along Goldstream Valley Ridge. The 5K+ snowshoe trail then turned south and ascended rather directly to the ridge crest near the KUAC transmitter.

The 7K+ trail continued snaking down and up through the birch forest, for what seemed like at least another 20 or 30K, finally rejoining the 5K+ trail near the top of the ascent to the KUAC transmitter. The joint trail then descended back down to the start through more birch and aspen forest.

Parts of the trails were hard-packed and fast, while most of it, the most challanging portions through the birch and alder, were loosely-packed snow and were narrow.

Prizes, awarded to the fastest male and female finishers, included gifts donated by the race sponsor, All Weather Sports. Last year's race received nationwide coverage from Associated Press; will there be a repeat?

5K+ Results

Male - under 20

1. Tony Tomsich 54:16
2. Tommy Lokken 54:54
3. Collin Todd 55:24

Female - open

1. Jane Lanford 1:05:31
2. Linda Franklin 1:07:20
3. Julie Williams 1:08:16

Male - open

1. Albert Attla 40:49
2. Stuart Grant 53:20
3. Steve Bainbridge 53:35
4. Silas Alexander 1:00:08
5. John Ertl 1:10:04

7K+ Results

Female - open

1. Gail Koepf 51:04
2. Kelly Larimore 53:22

Male - open

1. Jim Lokken 41:46
2. Rocky Reifenstuhl 43:23
3. Make Kramer 45:52
4. Jim Decur 47:25
5. Lee Dewilde 52:04
6. Keith Pollock 53:54
7. Dave Kelley 54:26
8. Dave Cowee 54:56
9. Scott Frickson 56:45
10. Dennis Rogers 1:00:55
11. Scott Phillips 1:04:33
12. Steve Lanford 1:07:46
13. Rob Seamour 1:08:16

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