Granite Tors Trail Run

Sunday June 28th, 2009

11:00 AM

Granite Tors Trailhead. Mile 39 Chena Hot Springs Rd.

Harrington and Flaharty lead way at Granite Tors

A couple of runners decided that completing the arduous 15-mile Granite Tors Trail Run once on Sunday just wasn’t enough. Another sandwiched bike rides of nearly 60 miles there and back around the event. A few shed some blood after taking spills. Others were in so little hurry that they stopped to climb around on the granite outcroppings. Thankfully, no one got lost on the popular loop trail off Chena Hot Springs Road. And one thing all the runners shared — besides wet feet — was exhaustion after their tour along boardwalk, up a 2,000-foot vertical gain, across spongy tundra, through a boulder field and over countless rocks and roots.

Drew Harrington shaved almost five minutes off his winning time from 2008 to cross first in 2 hours, 12 minutes and 53 seconds. Mark Lindberg was second (2:23:37) and Todd Kasteler, an Anchorage runner who is working this summer in Fairbanks, placed third in 2:27:55.

Davya Flaharty took first for the women and ninth overall in 2:45:26, while Angela Smith (sporting a bloody knee) was runner-up in 2:58:09. Stephanie King took third in 3:19:34.

Harrington’s mark was the fastest time since Kevin Brinegar ran 2:06 in 2002, but it was still nearly 15 minutes shy of Shawn Harper’s apparent record of 1:58 in 1998. Flaharty’s mark is believed to be the quickest women’s run since Jane LeBlond posted 2:33:49 in 1999.

After a lengthy break, Harrington, who is training for a 50-mile race next month in Washington state, ran the course again — retrieving the course markers along the way. He was joined by Kasteler, who didn’t flinch when asked.

Tyson Flaharty had his own ultra-distance day by cycling from Moose Mountain to the race, completing the event in fifth place (2:36:42) and then pedaling back.Colin McKenzie and Zach Keskinen were the last guys to finish, but their time of 4:35:34 was extended because they couldn’t resist going bouldering on some trailside tors instead of simply running past them.

A ranger from Alaska State Parks also reported that a crew planned on Monday and today to install more markers along the trail, focusing on a few confusing sections where people have strayed in the past. A 28-year-old teacher from North Pole lost her way earlier this month and three days later was rescued eight miles off course by a helicopter.

Sunday’s turnout of 41 runners was easily the biggest among records available since 1996.

Davya Flaharty and Harrington now are the overall leaders in the Northern Trails Running Series. The next event in the six-race series is the Ester Dome Ass Kicker at 10 a.m. on July 12 beginning at the Ester Gold Camp.



1 Drew Harrington 2:12:53
2 Mark Lindberg 2:23:37
3 Todd Kasteler 2:27:55
4 Marius Korthauer 2:29:29
5 Tyson Flaharty 2:36:42
6 BJ Bennedsen 2:38:38
7 Danny Powers 2:40:02
8 Greg Whisenhant 2:40:38
9 John Petersen 2:55:11
10 Patrik Sartz 2:56:46
11 Sean Randle 2:56:50
12 Ben Good 2:57:35
13 Christopher Greene 3:00:43
14 Nicholas Storch 3:13:43
15 Bob Vitale 3:17:55
16 Jacob Remington 3:23:15
17 Zach Keskinen 4:35:34
18 Colin McKenzie 4:35:34


1 Davya Flaharty 2:45:26
2 Angela Smith 2:58:09
3 Stephanie King 3:19:34
4 Oralee Nudson 3:26:02
5 Robbin Garber-Slaght 3:30:33
6 Emma Pokon 3:40:51
7 Rose Vanderhoff 3:54:02
8 Renee Parsley 3:57:16
9 Roxane Rigo 3:58:40
10 Dorte Dissing 4:07:35
11 Bridget Doran 4:14:02
12 Bjorg Edberg 4:18:54
13 Stephanie Geddings 4:20:04
14 Jenn Payer 4:38:07
15 Stephanie Whisenhant 4:38:30
16 Anna Deveraux 4:38:30
17 Christen Bouffard 5:03:20
18 Marcy Phillips 5:03:20
19 Dot Helm 5:10:52
20 Jane Parrish 5:15:45
21 Norma Haubenstock 5:15:45
22 Gail Koepf 5:15:45
23 Bobbi Jo Katchmar 6:20:56

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