Granite Tors Trail Run

Sunday August 3rd, 2008

11:00 AM

Granite Tors Trailhead

Mile 39 Chena Hot Springs Rd.

Drew Harrington overcame a snow squall and Mike Kramer to win the rugged 15-mile Granite Tors Trail Run on Sunday.
Harrington passed Kramer during the technical 7-mile descent to cross the finish line in 2 hours, 17 minutes and 33 seconds.
Harrington’s mark was more than 15 minutes faster than his result from 2007, when he finished runner-up just 26 seconds
behind Kramer. Kramer was second this time in 2:18:49. Simon McLoughlin placed third in 2:23:54 while Northern Trails
Running Series points leader Chris Garber-Slaght registered fourth in 2:25:22 and Josh Lothspeich was fifth in 2:27:55.

For the women, Heather Best claimed her third Trail Series win in 3:12:53, more than two minutes faster than Kate VanHoomissen
(3:15:08). Oralee Nudson was third in 3:22:45, followed by Robbin Garber-Slaght (3:31:38) and Roxane Rigo (3:41:00).

Most of the participants experienced a brief snow shower near the peak of their more than 2,000-foot ascent, though
they were otherwise treated to moderate temperatures and even some sunshine. Despite the recent heavy rainfall
in the area, the trail was not much wetter than usual, save for a boggy traverse at the top of the climb. A section
of the Tors parking area, however, was still submerged in a couple inches of water. Twenty-eight runners and hikers
participated. Complete results are in today’s Scoreboard on page C2.

The next Trail Series race, the Run for the Refuge, is Aug. 17. The Mount Healy Challenge on Aug. 24 wraps up the new
six-event series. Chris Garber-Slaght still leads the series’ overall men’s standings with 22 points, though Harrington
(18) drew closer on Sunday.  Age-group leaders are Harrington and Josh Lothspeich with 24 points each in the 29 &
under division; Garber-Slaght with 29 points in the age 30-44 division; and Bob Vitale with 29 points in the 45 & over
division. Best, despite expressing her disdain for punishing trails, now has 30 points and a commanding lead in the overall
women’s standings and age 30-44 group. Oralee Nudson leads the 29 & under group with 28 points while Stephanie
King (21 points) holds a slim lead over Roxane Rigo (20) in the 45 & over division.



Name Time
1 Drew Harrington 2:17:33
2 Mike Kramer 2:18:49
3 Simon McLoughlin 2:23:54
4 Chris Garber-Slaght 2:25:22
5 Josh Lothspeich 2:27:55
6 Wayde Leder 2:33:13
7 Aaron Baldwin 2:44:20
8 Danny Powers 2:47:03
9 Tom Moran 2:49:10
10 Darren Rorabaugh 2:54:30
11 Bob Vitale 3:10:24
12 Forrest Karr 3:15:08
13 Ron Koczaja 3:21:50
14 Pete Hjellen 3:24:58
15 Ken Gieser 3:42:00
16 Mike Frerichs 4:57:10


Name Time
1 Heather Best 3:12:53
2 Kate VanHoomissen 3:15:08
3 Oralee Nudson 3:22:45
4 Robbin Garber-Slaght 3:31:38
5 Roxane Rigo 3:41:00
6 Abby Marabetta 3:42:10
7 Stephanie King 3:42:10
8 Maxine Dibert 4:06:19
8 Lynne Petersen 4:06:19
10 Jane Parrish 4:23:45
10 Gail Koepf 4:23:45
11 Norma Haubenstock 4:29:58

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