7th Ester Dome Ass Kicker

6.75 miles

Sunday July 16, 2006

10:00 AM

Ester Gold Camp, Ester, AK

Race Director: Scott McCrea

Out-and-back from downtown Ester

via Stone Road, Azurite Way and power lines

to the Chute, from the bottom, to the top (& return)

Overcast, rain 50° F Breezy Wet and cold
Sunrise: 3:55 AM Sunset: 11:57 PM
20 hr 02 min 06 sec of elusive sunshine - Loss: 6 min 31 sec

Kramer, Feaver, Victorious in Ester Dome Race

Mike Kramer and Ashley Feaver won their respective divisions in the 7th Annual Ester Dome Ass Kicker race on Sunday.

A total of 23 runner turned out on the cold, rainy day for the 6.75 mile race, which Race Director and Founder Scott McCrea is billing as the "toughest middle distance race in Interior Alaska."

Feaver, who just recently transferred to Fort Wainwright from Fort Lewis, showed that she is going to be a force to reckon with on the local running scene by easily capturing first place in a time of 1:01:14. The former University of Puget Sound runner, who took third place in the Santa Claus Half Marathon last weekend, came in fifth overall and more than 20 minutes ahead of runner-up Gail Koepf. Koepf took second with a time of 1:21:38 and Patricia McCorkle came in third with a time of 1:35:58.

Running in his first Ester Dome Ass Kicker race, Kramer took first with a time of 56:14. He was followed closely behind by Bob Pickart with a time of 56:38 and Wayde Leder in third with a time of 58:03.

Sponsored by Ester Gold Camp, the race starts and ends at the Malemute Saloon and features a 2,000 foot elevation gain. The course takes runners up the roads behind Ester where they connect to a powerline trail that leads to the "chute", a grueling mile climb that takes runners to the top of Ester Dome. "It's a tamer version of Seward's Mount Marathon," said McCrea. "But it's extremely challenging and unlike anything else on the local running calendar. It's one you remember---for better or worse---days after completing it."

Scott McCrea

Men's Results | Women's Results


 1.  Mike Kramer                   56:14
 2.  Bob Pickart                   56:38
 3.  Wayde Leder                   58:03
 4.  Rocky Reifenstuhl           1:00:00
 5.  Dietrich Hildebrandt        1:02:00
 6.  Ted Wu                      1:05:18
 7.  Matthew Pickart             1:08:26
 8.  Dan Bross                   1:08:55
 9.  Mike O'Brien                1:10:09
10.  Michail Richmond            1:10:26

11.  Bob Vitale                  1:13:09
12.  John Naslund                1:13:25
13.  Ned Rozell                  1:18:22
14.  Dan Graham                  1:23:31
15.  Andy Sterns                 1:26:36
16.  Ryan Glasson                1:47:18
17.  Bob Hildebrandt             1:50:28
18.  (tie) Matthew Luetkemeyer   1:53:11
           Michael Mucha


** - new course record

 1.  Ashley Feaver **             58:03
 2.  Gail Koepf                 1:21:38
 3.  Patricia McCorkle          1:35:58
 4.  Nataya Batin               1:44:27

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