6th Ester Dome Ass Kicker

6.75 miles

Sunday July 17, 2005

10:00 AM

Ester Gold Camp, Ester, AK

Race Director: Scott McCrea

NEW COURSE - Out-and-back from downtown Ester

via Stone Road, Azurite Way and power lines

to the Chute, from the bottom, to the top

Mostly cloudy 60-65° F Light breezes Mostly dry trails accompanied by agressive mosquitos
Sunrise: 3:59 AM Sunset: 11:53 PM
19 hr 53 min 56 sec of possible sunshine - Loss: 6 min 36 sec

Alden, Beattie, Dominate Dome in Derriere Destroyer

Peter Alden and Lisa Beattie won their respective divisions in the 6.75 mile Sixth Annual Ester Dome Ass Kicker.

Alden overtook runner-up Jed Brown in the last half mile to place first out of 21 men in the race, which is considered to be the toughest short distance running race in Interior Alaska.- Alden came in at 53:10, followed by Brown in 53:47 and Chris Eversman in 57:08. Wayde Leder placed fourth with 57:15 and EDAK race director Scott McCrea took the fifth spot with a time of 58:07.

Beattie placed first out of the three women in the race with a time of 1:10:03. UAF assistant endurance coach Ingrid Olson came second with a time of 1:11:39. The toughest competitor of the day turned out to be 70-year-old Barbara Wuttig, who walked the treacherous mosquito-infested course with a time of 2:34:34. Wuttig spent a few moments chatting pleasantly with other finishers, and then continued her walk to her home > in the area.

Unlike previous EDAK races, which followed a course off of Henderson Road, the new course started and ended at the Ester Gold Camp and took runners to the top of Ester Dome and back. McCrea, who ran the race for the first time, said he was pleased with the new course.

"Ester Gold Camp played a big role in making this happen by offering prizes to the top runners and sponsoring the post-race refreshments," he said. "We're going to do it again next year, and the year after that, and so on. Hopefully word will spread about the quality of the race, and we'll see bigger turnouts in the future."

Scott McCrea

Men's Results | Women's Results

At the top of The Chute - the half-way point


 1. Peter Alden            53:10
 2. Jed Brown              53:47
 3. Chris Eversman         57:08
 4. Wayde Leder            57:15
 5. Scott McCrea           58:07
 6. Ben Bishop           1:02:32
 7. Greg Finstad         1:03:04
 8. David Maxwell        1:07:07
 9. Scott Jerome         1:07:38
10. Tim Huber            1:09:45

11. Ed Plumb             1:11:54
12. Bob Vitale           1:15:20
13. Ernest Stolen        1:17:36
14. Andrew Cox           1:19:52
15. Don Mailaneu         1:21:19
16. Rick Varsquez        1:21:20
17. Leif Holm            1:24:12
18. Dan Graham           1:33:00
19. Tom Richardson       1:33:01
20. Warren Taylor        1:27:58

21. Bob Eley             1:54:25


 1. Lisa Beattie         1:10:03
 2. Ingrid Olson         1:11:39
 3. Barbara Wuttig       2:34:34

Photos and editing courtesy of Jo Ellen Cowee/dba JFM Videos

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