5th Ester Dome Ass Kicker

between 7.5 and 8 miles

Saturday June 5, 2004

10:00 AM

3.5 Mile Henderson Road, above St Patricks Road

Out-and-back via Equinox Trail, from Mile 19.6 +/-,

plus the entire Chute, to the bottom, and then some ...

Clear & sunny 70-75° F Light breezes Mostly dry trails accompanied by agressive mosquitos
Sunset: 12:20 AM Sunrise: 3:20 AM
21 hours 00 minutes of possible sunshine - Gain: 5 min 58 sec

Race Director's Musings

In running races, there are two ways to win in your divison. You can either be the fastest person in divison, or, as was the case with Lena Krutikoy in the Fifth Annual Ester Dome Ass Kicker, be the only one in your division. As the solo female competitor in Saturday's grueling race, Krutikoy handily took the gold with a time of 1:35:40, placing eighth overall out of the 15-person field.

Kevin Brinegar won the men's division with a time of 1:00:39, missing the course record of 59:21 that he set in 2002 by more than a minute. Andrew Wappett came in second with a time of 1:05:17, followed by Ted Wu in third place with a time of 1:14:07.

Billed as the "toughest short distance race in Interior Alaska" the 7-mile plus race features a leg-burning climb up the mile-long "chute" of the Equinox Marathon, a hill so steep that even the top-runners have to walk up sections of it. Race Director Scott McCrea said that while he was happy with the weather, he was disappointed with the turn-out. "I would expect in a rough and tough town like Fairbanks that more runners would jump at a chance to challenge themselves in a race like this one," he said. "But I guess there are a lot of softies out there." When asked if he was saying that in an effort to stir up the local running community to get more participants for next year, McCrea just smiled and headed to the chute to break down the course.

Scott McCrea

Nonchalant and relaxed (he didn't have to run the course ...)

Runners reach the top of the Chute, after approximately one mile of climbing (took the Webmaster nearly 23-1/2 minutes ...)







Bob and Lena




 1. Kevin Brinegar           1:00:39
 2. Andrew Wappett           1:05:17
 3. Ted Wu                   1:14:07
 4. Greg Torres              1:28:45
 5. Dave Cowee               1:29:18
 6. Mike Hayes               1:31:40
 7. Willis Fireball          1:33:32
 8. Daniel Rice              1:35:53
 9. Bob Vitale               1:36:42
10. (tie) Ryan Forney        1:54:17
          Chris Case         1:54:17

12. Bob Perkins              2:00:16
13. Patrick Carroll          2:17:23
14. Jerry Flodin               NTA


1. Lena Krutikoy             1:35:30


Ryan and Chris

Photos and editing courtesy of JFM Videos

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