4th Ester Dome Ass Kicker

between 7.5 and 8 miles

Saturday June 7, 2003

10:00 AM

3.5 Mile Henderson Road, above St Patricks Road

Out-and-back via Equinox Trail, from near Mile 20,

plus the rest of the Chute and then some ...


The Ester Dome Ass Kicker has grown so much in popularity that even the fast guys from Anchorage are making the trip up the Parks Highway to compete in it.

Anchorage mountain runner John Collins led a record turnout of 32 runners in the seven mile trail race, which traversed a course so extreme that one participant described it as being "evil." Collins completed the course in a time of 1:03:23, an outstanding time given the rainy weather and treacherous trail conditions. He was followed by Maryland runner Bret Mower, who is in Fairbanks on temporary duty with the Army, with a time of 1:04:27. Wayde Leder, who won the inaugural Ass Kicker, rounded out the top three men with a time of 1:08:20.

On the women's side, Heide Ulrich set a course record with a time of 1:23:19, finishing 13th overall. She was followed by Lisa Beattie in 1:31:34, who beat her time from last year by more than 11 minutes. Jane Lanford rounded out the top three women with a time of 1:37:58, kicking past Equinox Race Director Steve Bainbridge in the final 10 yards.

Thirteen-year old Wilkinson earned the dubious honor as being the youngest competitor to finish the race, coming in 26th place with a time of 1:49:06. Denise Hiatt received the Red Lantern Trophy with a time of 2:03:54.

The race, billed as the toughest short distance race in Interior Alaska, follows the Equinox trail in reverse up to the "chute", where runners turn left and follow the chute down into the valley of Ester, where they take a left and follow a powerline trail over hilly terrain. Runners then turn around and run or walk or crawl up the entire chute to the top of Ester Dome then follow the Equinox course back to the starting line.

Race director Scott McCrea said the fourth running of the race was the most successful one to date. "People were cursing at me and questioning my sanity as they crossed the finish line," he said. "That's great. When I hear that, I know I've created the type of race that I wanted to."

Scott McCrea


 1. John Collins             1:03:23
 2. Bret Mower               1:04:27
 3. Wayde Leder              1:08:20
 4. Michael Hancock          1:10:12
 5. Jon Castro               1:13:09
 6. Matthew Mapes            1:16:04
 7. Ivan Belovsov            1:19:12
 8. Nick Fitzerald           1:19:25
 9. Kurt Carlson             1:19:34
10. Adam Hutchison           1:21:29

11. Aaron Cox                1:22:09
12. Keith Pollock            1:22:37
13. Michael Richmond         1:23:47
14. Bob Vitale               1:24:23
15. Edward Plumb             1:24:35
16. Geoff Guevasa-Geer       1:29:14
17. Andy Sterns              1:30:49
18. Jeremy Conley            1:33:21
19. Pat Kalen                1:35:13
20. Steve Bainbridge         1:38:00

21. Wally Carlo (tie)        1:42:03
21. Ismael Rodriguez (tie)   1:42:03
22. John Eichelberger        1:43:49
23. Charlie Titus            1:47:36
24. Bob Perkins              1:47:47
25. Ian Wilkinson            1:49:06
26. Abdiel Lopez             1:59:59


1. Heide Ulrich              1:23:19*
2. Lisa Beattie              1:31:34
3. Jane Lanford              1:37:58
4. Shannon Hammond           1:51:05
5. Denise Hiatt              2:03:54

      *women's course record

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