3rd Ester Dome Ass Kicker

between 7.5 and 8 miles

Saturday June 1, 2002

10:00 AM

3.5 Mile Henderson Road, above St Patricks Road

Out-and-back via Equinox Trail, from near Mile 20,

plus the rest of the Chute and more

Race Directors' Comments

The 21 runners who competed in the Third Annual Ester Dome Ass Kicker race found their derrieres getting kicked in more ways than one. First, there were the maniacal mosquitoes, which eagerly feasted on the runners as they slowly made their way up The Chute. Second, there was the overlooked fork in one section of the trail that resulted in five runners getting lost. Third, there was the course itself, which featured a climb so sadistic in its design that it prompted one Equinox veteran, Corky Hebard, to refer to the race director by a name that borrowed a word from the race's title.

Nonetheless, 16 runners, led by Rocky Reifenstuhl for the men and Lisa Bochinke for the women, managed to complete the entire 8-mile race. Reifenstuhl crossed the finish line in a time of 1:10:53, followed by Wayne Peppler in 1:15:31 and Jim Decur in 1:19:48. Bochinke's time was 1:28:03. She was followed by Jennifer Balster in 1:36:58 and Lisa Beattie in 1:42:20.

Scott McCrea


 1. Rocky Reifenstuhl   1:10:53
 2. Wayne Peppler       1:15:31
 3. Jim Decur           1:19:48
 4. Ned Flanders Rozell 1:23:49
 5. Andy Sterns         1:24:01
 6. Adam Bucki          1:29:33
 7. Steve Clautice      1:29:49
 8. Doug Solan          1:30:23
 9. Nick Fitzerald      1:34:26
10. Corky Hebard        1:39:16
11. Bob Perkins         1:51:55
12. Ed Rouleau          1:56:06
13. Patrick Carroll     2:04:53


 1. Lisa Bochinke       1:28:03
 2. Jennifer Balster    1:36:58
 3. Lisa Beattie        1:42:26

Special "Race Director Forgot to Mark Part of the Course" Abbreviated Race

 1. (tie) Ryan Holzmueller and Orin Ryan     1:02:50
 2. (tie) Matthew Mapes and Lee Ridling      1:03:38
 3. Dan Chicdo                               1:04:00

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