1st Ester Dome Ass-Kicker

Sunday July 30, 2000

9:00 AM

Henderson Road, near St Patricks

out-and-back via Equinox Trail from near Mile 20,

featuring the rest of the Chute

Mostly sunny 55° F Light Breeze Dry


"Fairbanks runners are wimps!" That was the message sent by the local running community at this Sunday's First Annual Ester Dome Ass Kicker, which only drew 10 participants, the smallest turnout of any race this season. Race Director Scott McCrea said that the meager turnout was probably because the race was new and not that many people knew about it. "Then again, I think most people were just scared," said McCrea. "Especially UAF cross country coach Bill McDonnell, who is from Vermont, and thus a little soft." Consider that a challenge for next year.

The ten diehards who did showup all agreed that it was a great course, with one of the runners stating it was the best one on the running calendar. All agreed that the race did live up to its' name. The roughly six-mile race featured a steep ascent up the infamous Chute of Ester Dome, which even front-runner Wayde Leder had to walk up. Leder won the men's division with a time of 1:10:17, while the sole female participant Roxanne Rigo easily won her division with a time of 1:39:47. Rigo and Leder both left with trophies for their accomplishments, and all runners left with official finisher's certificates and the promise to be back next year. Will they be by themselves?


1. Wayde Leder		1:10:17
2. Rocky Reifenstuhl	1:17:59
3. John Fridrich		1:20:41
4. Keith Kimbrell		1:22:26
5. Steve Clautice		1:23:22
6. Andy Sterns		1:26:31
7. Pat Kalen		1:30:03
8. Rob Solomon		1:31:23
9. Ron Smith		DNF (had to go to court!)


1. Roxanne Rigo		1:39:47

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