Dustin's Ultra 5K Challenge
  Dustin's Ultra 5K 12 hour challenge was a memorial race
  held at Moose Mtn.   
  Racers started a 5K loop every hour on the hour for 12 hours.
  Over the sourse of 12 laps there was more than 10,000 ft
  of elevation gain and loss. On the third lap was a free
  fun' 5K for all non-ultra runners. It was a great family event
  with about 30 participants. With the course being a figure 8,
  there were many opportunities to cheer on runners
  during their laps.
   Laps Total 
  Doug Templeton 5 25 K 
  Wyatt Marshall 7 35 K 
  Joshua Marshall 12 60 K 
  Ben Ferguson 12 60 K