Donnelly Dome Ascent

Sunday June 29, 2008


Donnelly Dome

A lucky 13 runners and hikers participated in the inaugural Donnelly Dome Ascent
on Sunday south of Delta Junction. Most of the hardy group made the two-hour road
trip from Fairbanks, then scrambled up the steep 3,910-foot peak just off the
Richardson Highway. Atop, they soaked in a 360-degree panorama amidst a brisk,
but tolerable, wind.  Leading the bunch was Drew Harrington, who required just 25
minutes, 35 seconds to conquer 1,600-feet of elevation gain over about 1.5 miles. He
might have received a strong challenge from Chris Garber-Slaght, winner of the recent
Masochism on Moose Mountain event, had the latter not rolled up – in a vegetable
oil-fueled diesel truck, no less – just as the race was about to start. Garber-Slaght,
despite lacking a warm-up and giving most of the field a several-minute head start,
placed runner-up in 29:40.

Kristen Bartecchi Rozell also took off late, but overtook Stephanie King along the way
for top female honors (and third overall) in 31:25. King was next in 32:20. The only
Delta Junction-area participant, Steve Thomas, finished in 31:58 after shunning wind
gear and wearing only shorts and a 1988 Mount Marathon t-shirt for the climb of one
of the few Interior peaks that features pitches as steep as on the famous mountain in
Seward. Rounding out the field were Lisa Beattie (34:05), Andy Sterns (38:24), Oralee
Nudson (38:26), Jane Parrish (39:47), John Estle (44:39), Norma Haubenstock (44:40)
and Angie Wills (57:30). Brad Lobland completed a shortened course.

Race director Matias Saari thanks sponsor Finnish Line Physical Therapy for prizes
and the U.S. Army for making possible the event located within the Army’s Donnelly
Training Area.

1.	Drew Harrington		  25:35
2. Chris Garber-Slaght 29:40
3. Kristen Bartecchi Rozell 31:25 (first woman)
4. Steve Thomas 31:58
5. Stephanie King 32:20
6. Lisa Beattie 34:05
7. Andy Sterns 38:24
8. Oralee Nudson 38:26
9. Jane Parrish 39:47
10. John Estle 44:39
11. Norma Haubenstock 44:40
12. Angie Wills 57:30
13. Brad Lobland (short course)

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