Creamer's Field

Sled Dog Envy Run

4.8 Mile Race

Saturday February 15, 1997

11:00 AM

Creamer's Field Visitor Center

via dog mushing, ski jouring trails

Sunny and bright -8° to +3° F Calm Excellent packed snow trail conditions

Sunrise: Total Daylight:

8 hours 35 minutes
8:48 AM
5:23 PM

The barns and adjacent buildings of the former Creamer's Dairy, marked the start and finish of today's race. The race followed mushing trails north and west of the site.

The Start

A very small Roger Dix (the small red dot left of center near the bottom of the photo) flies towards the finish line
As a Lufthansa 747 climbed slowly overhead and made a gradual, banked turn to the west, headed for the Far East, 27 runners made their way around a few miles of the neatly groomed mushing and jouring trails at the Creamer's Field wildlife area. With a pre-race temperature of -8 F, according to race director Mark Ross, and bright sunshine, running conditions were excellent. Conditions were so good, in fact, that no one ran the shorter 2 mile course that Mark had laid out.
For most runners, this was their first exposure to the approximately 60 miles of multi-use winter trails that lie between Creamer's Field, on College Road, and the Dog Musher's Hall, on Farmers Loop Road. This trail system appears to be one of the best kept secrets in the area.
Roger Dix had no trouble following the well-marked course this week, and won the race handily, with a time of 26:45. Second place finisher, Tate Cantrell, trailed Roger by more that two minutes (29:06). The first lady to finish was Michelle Mitchell, fifth overall, with a time of 31:53.

Combined Results

1. Roger Dix 26:45
2. Tate Cantrell 29:06
3. John Carlson 30:24
4. Daniel O'Connell 31:31
5. Michelle Mitchell 31:53
6. Harvey Wing 32:54
7. Mike Okita 33:12
8. Dave Cowee 33:13
9. Brian Martin 33:51
10. Tina Devine 34:10
11. Bob Vitale 34:26
12.Mike Erncon 34:41
13. (tie) Jane Lanford 37:04
13. (tie) Susan Faulkner 37:04
15. Steve Lanford 39:11
16. John Pham 39:36
17. Ron Hartzmann 39:39
18. Bob Toporowski 40:33
19. Bob Perkins 41:17
20. Paulette Kosinski 41:32
21. Corky Dow 42:23
22. Paula Rodgers 42:42
23. Mary Bohan 44:03
24. Kimberly Fine 46:33
25. Peggy Kuryla 46:34
26. Suzy Perkins 54:47
27. Nancy Thomas 68:20

Photos from video courtesy of JFM Videos; photo editing courtesy of JFM Videos.

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