The Annihilator Fun Run

Nenana, Alaska

Saturday June 1, 1996

Owing to some remarkably unreasoned opposition by Alaska Railroad management to the continued use of their Tanana River Bridge as part of The Annihilator race course, what would have been the 10th Anniversary running of The Annihilator was celebrated as a Fun Run by a small group of 12 runners and 4 walkers. The presence of armed Pinkerton security guards at the southern approach to the Alaska Railroad's Tanana River Bridge, as well as the threatened arrest and jailing of any trespassers, resulted in the 16 celebrants using the Tanana River highway bridge in both directions on the Fun Run. The modified course started and finished at the Nenana Visiotrs Center and, with the exception of the first mile, followed the remainder of The Annihilator's traditional course. The total length of this year's route was approximately 7 miles.

The continuation and future of The Annihilator was discussed at length both before and after the run by all the participants. While no decisions were reached on any details, the unanimous consensus was that the race must be continued. While the race start and end points remain undecided, a course change on the first half mile climb up the hillside, in the vicinity of the Nenana City Cemetery and the letter "N", was tentatively agreed upon. A trail clearing party will meet at 10AM at the Monderosa, on Sunday September 15, 1996, to prepare this new section of trail. All are welcome with their heavy clearing tools (chain saws, shovels, axes, etc).

Fun Run Participants


Bill Cotter
Liller Cotter
David Cowee
Allen Doyle
Bobbi Fyten
Ken Leary
Sandy Murray
Kristy Powell
Chris Silva
Sid Swerman
Bob Vitale
John Wilson


Beaufort Kittridge
Camden Kittridge
Zin Kittridge
Karen Swerman

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