24th Airport Run

3 Mile and 4 Mile Races

Saturday January 17, 2004

11:00 AM

Pike's Landing, Airport Road

out-and-back via Dale Road

Clear skies with ice fog -42° F Calm Snow-covered and icy pavement

Sunrise: Total Possible Daylight:

5 hours 16 minutes

Gain: 6 minutes
10:23 AM
3:39 PM

3 Mile Results | 4 Mile Results

Our coldest race-morning temperature in almost five years kept large crowds away, but a core of intrepid runners showed up to test the ice fog conditions along Dale Road, adjacent to Fairbanks International Airport. With temperatures hovering around -40F, and colder around the end of the runway, no one attempted the 8 mile course - battling the ice fog and slippery conditions along Dale Road was enough of a challenge! While the yellow Running Club North Arctic Rent-A-Car official thermometer recorded -40F at the Start/Finish line, the official race time temperature from the Weather Bureau at the airport, was -42F.

4 Mile Results

 1.  28:29   M   STEVE BAINBRIDGE
 2.  30:11   M   DAVID LEONARD
 3.  30:18   M   TIM HUBER
 4.  31:48   M   PAT KALEN
 5.  32:37   M   BOB EDER
 6.  33:15   M   CORKY HEBARD
 7.  36:19   F   TRACY MARTINSON
 8.  44:35   F   FRANNIE EDER
 9.  49:48   M   BOB HILDEBRANDT

3 Mile Results

 1. (tie)  25:59   M   BOB VITALE
           25:59   M   DAVE COWEE

Photos and editing courtesy of JFM Videos.

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