Airport Run

4 Mile and 8 Mile Races

Saturday January 18, 1997

11:00 AM

Pike's Landing, Airport Road

via Dale Road & the Airport Access Road

Partly cloudy -10° to +5° F Calm Good packed snow to icy pavement conditions

Sunrise: Total Daylight:

5 hours 29 minutes
10:17 AM
3:46 PM

After a week of very warm weather, for Fairbanks in January that is, the air was a little brisk this morning at the start of the Airport Run. This race is probably cancelled more frequently that any other Running Club North race, because the morning temperature on race day is often below -25°F. Temperatures today along the course, between the 3- and 5-mile marks,down by the Tanana River west of the runway, were even brisker than at the start, but well above -25. A little bit of cool air didn't stop 17 runners, plus the Race Director and his assistant, from enjoying some sunshine out on the course. Another dozen runners, out on their weekly training run, also were spotted along the course.
In the only exciting moment of the day, the lead pack of four runners was almost mowed down by a cow moose, near the 2-mile mark, when she bolted across Dale Road just in front of them. After the race, runners were overheard swapping stories about just how cold it was on the coldest day they ran during our recent cold snap. Maybe this will lead to a few stories on our cold weather pages???

4 Mile Results

1. John Tragis 28:33
2. Jim Decur 30:02
3. Keith Pollack 31:04
4. Jon Shea 31:12
5. Margaret Swift 35:04
6. Corky Dow 36:41
7. Kathy Betters 40:01
Bob Vitale 34:03
Dave Cowee & Emily 34:03

8 Mile Results

1. Rocky Reifenstuhl 55:01
2. Michelle Mitchell 56:31
3. Pat Kalen 57:34
4. Charlie Titus 1:01:16
5. Gail Koepf 1:01:38
6. Corky Hebard 1:02:42
7. Steve Lanford 1:14:06
8. Bob Hildebrandt 1:17:26
9. Jack Townshend 1:18:07
10. Janet Roberts 1:19:51

Digital photos courtesy of Payless Rent-A-Car; photo editing courtesy of JFM Videos.

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