Northern Trails Running Series

The Northern Trails Running Series was started in 2008 with a mission of increasing the participation in local trail races and introducing runners and hikers of all levels to new trails. The series, created by Matias Saari, had six events in 2008: Masochism on Moose Mountain, Ester Dome Ass Kicker, Granite Tors Trail Run, Chena Hot Springs Run & Soak, Mount Healy Challenge, and Run for the Refuge (10k). Events in the series are subject to change each year depending on participation and feedback.

For the 2013 Northern Trail Running Series many of the events from inaugural season remain unchanged. The Wickersham Dome Trail Run was added in 2010 and the Musk Ox Run and the Annihilator were added for the 2011 season. More information for each of the events can be found through the running club calendar link.

  1. Masochism on Moose Mountain - Tuesday, June 4th @ 6:30pm
  2. Annihilator - Saturday, June 8th @ 11am
  3. Wickersham Dome Trail Run - Sunday, June 16th @ 11am
  4. Ester Dome Ass Kicker - Sunday, July 14th @ 10am
  5. Chena Hot Springs Run & Soak - Saturday, July 27th @ 11am
  6. Granite Tors Trail Run - Saturday, August 17th @ 11am (early start 10am)
  7. Musk Ox Run - Thursday, August 29th @ 6:30pm

A new point system tracked runners in the 2011 season. The new point system is intended to account for increased participation in trail series events since the inaugural 2008 season. The age groups (29 & under, 30 to 44, and 45 & over) remain unchanged. In previous seasons runners scored points in their best four races in the series. This restriction was removed for the 2011 season; runners may now score points in all trail series events in which they compete.



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