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RCN launches new website

At long last, the new RCN website is launched! While you'll first notice the look has completely changed, look a little deeper and you'll find some new things here and there. Most importantly is we've added a catalog and online purchasing section. You can now join RCN and pay memberships fees or make a donation to RCN online. We hope to add race registrations in the near future. You'll also find a convenient list of the most recent race results on the home page under the events calendar in addition to the full results archive under the Events menu. Take a look around and let us know what you think.

Recent News

Last Run of 2014

Runners gather for the 2014 New Year's Eve Run.

Local runners brave the Fairbanks cold for another RCN New Years Eve run event? Actually that was last year’s headliner. This year’s headliner was how few clothes can one wear and still not get overheated or arrested! 31°F ABOVE greeted the 25 runners who showed up to put another NYER in their log books. A cast of mostly regular New Years Eve running revelers showed up to start RCN’s 2014 Annual New Year’s Eve run. The 11:30pm start at “The Diner” parking lot on Illinois Street had foggy conditions settling in as the Midnight hour approached.


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